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Peoria"pi'o:ri@" is a city that is located in Maricopa as well as Yavapai counties of the State of Arizona. The majority of the city is within Maricopa County, while a small portion of the north is situated in Yavapai County. It is a major suburban area of Phoenix. According to the 2019 Census Bureau estimates, the Peoria's population is 175,961. Peoria has been ranked as the sixth largest municipality in Arizona in terms of land area, and ninth in terms of population. The city was named in honor of Peoria, Illinois. The word "peoria" is a slang term that refers to the Miami-Illinois term for "prairie fire.". It is the spring training base for the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners which have a shared Peoria sports complex.

Based on the United States Census Bureau, the city has an overall surface in the range of 141.7 sq miles (367 km2) and of that, 138.2 sq miles (358 km2)) is land, and 3.5 sq miles (9.1 km2)) (2.44 24%) are water.

Peoria has been annexed by more than 170 sq miles (440 km2)) and is located in two different counties: Maricopa County and Yavapai County. It's technically the biggest municipality that is incorporated within Yavapai County, even though the majority of Peoria's inhabitants reside in its Maricopa County side.

The Agua Fria River as well as the New River are the only rivers that run through Peoria. It is believed that the Agua Fria River generally dry because of it being fed by the New Waddell Dam that holds back Lake Pleasant in the northern part of Peoria. It is the New River is usually dry because of flood control measures as well as the New River Dam. There are numerous creeks and washes that flow through the city too One of the largest being Skunk Creek due to its trails and connections to Glendale. Glendale.

Peoria is home to many hills and mountains at its northernmost point. There are a few, including Sunrise Mountain, West Wing Mountain, East Wing Mountain, Calderwood Butte, Cholla Mountain, White Peak, Hieroglyphic Mountains as well as Twin Buttes.

Peoria's identity is closer to leisure and resort living than it was in the past, since this type of lifestyle is moving away from northeast Valley towards Peoria. Peoria's economic strategy concentrates on creating the brand new Loop 303 freeway corridor as an industrial commercial, mixed development use , with less emphasis on the traditional residential development.

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